GOG.com Beta opens to the public. Fallout outsells everything else.

October 24, 2008

Have you ever wanted to play an old PC game only to find that you had lost/scratched your disk copy?  Or perhaps you never owned it and want to buy a copy, but the shelves at Wal-Mart are stuffed with Sims expansions. Good Old Games is here to fix that problem.

I kinda like the idea of GOG. They take a bunch of (mostly) critically acclaimed PC games from the 90s and sell them at pretty reasonable prices…usually $5.99. There are some real gems in the catalog, including, both Fallouts, both Freespaces, and Sacrifice. For every good game though, it seems to be balanced out by a lame one, like Redneck Rampage.

All games from GOG are DRM-Free, which is a big plus for me. With the amount of DRM issues alot of AAA games are experiencing these days, I’m glad to see someone do away with it. So, we have cheap, decent, DRM-Free games from GOG…everything is great, right?

My one issue with GOG lies in the whole piracy aspect of things. Yes, I have pirated games. yes, I probably will again in the future. Would I be willing to spend $6 on an old game that I could easily pirate if I knew that the developers were getting a cut of the money? Of course! the thing with GOG, though, is that they make deals with publishers to distribute old games. The Black Isle team who worked hard making Fallout the best game ever (don’t argue, just go with it) will not see any of the money from GOG.

Instead, Mr. Herve Caen, the CEO of Interplay that pretty much ran it into the ground, and killed the company, along with any hope of a decent Fallout 3, will receive that money. The GOG business model looks great at first glance, but once it’s discovered where the money is really going, it doesn’t seem quite as attractive. I do not want CEOs and publishers getting money for nothing. Developers put hard work into these games, and are not seeing a penny from them now.

Do the industry a favor and skip this one.

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