Sarah Palin RPG: An abandoned game project

October 29, 2008

After Sarah Palin was announced as the GOP VP candidate, I, like many people with leftist tendencies, was flat out horrified that she would be one step away from the presidency. Sarah Palin RPG was supposed to be a semi-satirical game where you controlled Sarah Palin. You would get to save the world with help from John McCain and Karl Rove, etc. The game would kinda be a play on the fact that Sarah Palin was pretty much the Republican “secret weapon” against Obama…a secret weapon that for a couple of weeks revitalized the Right.

I did a few pages of storyline writing/game ideas before deciding not to work on the project.

The entire concept of choosing Palin is a bit offensive in the first place. The GOP knew they could not properly appear to endorse “change” if they had the same old white guys running for office, so they picked Palin to capitalize on the female vote. Sarah Palin doesn’t belong in world politics, and her inexperience just reinforces the the idea that she was chosen purely because she is a female.

Before Palin became the butt of pretty much every joke on SNL, there was a period where it looked like she might just bring victory to the Republicans. Any positive effect she may have had is pretty much gone now, but, at the time, she was all over every piece of media. Palin was marketed to us on a level I really don’t think any politician has before, and I really had no desire to see a video game about Sarah Palin, even if it was blatantly attacking her and her policies.

I think part of what made Palin such a big deal was the Left’s reaction to her. I’m sure many Democrats were just outright scared of her, and as a general rule of politics, the more the Left hates something, the more the Right will embrace it, and vice versa. So, because so many people on the Left actively argued against Sarah Palin so much, I think this did nothing but fuel her conservative supporters.

Fortunately, like an annoying child, Sarah Palin eventually goes away if ignored. The drop in Palin’s media coverage is not doing anything to help the GOP, and every day that goes by lessens any impact Palin may have had at all. I like to think of an alternate future where I did make Sarah Palin RPG, and a whole wave of Palin games springs up online. Perhaps I’m better off not making a Sarah Palin game, I would really hate to see her get more publicity than she has already gotten.

PS: I had planned for the game to end in Sarah Palin orally prostituting herself to various Democratic leaders in exchange for an election victory. Yeah, that’s horrible, I know, but I think it would have served as a decent metaphor.

One Response to “Sarah Palin RPG: An abandoned game project”

  1. Aww, that game would have been fun.

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