Making Orwell Proud

October 31, 2008

This is my Halloween costume, which will be accompanied by a spiffy business suit. I am considering going by “Napoleon” for the night.

I broke down and bought Fallout 3 today. I am reading the instruction manual waiting for it to install, and apparently you can be a cannibal in the game. I may not do it my first game, but I definitely want to play as a horribly cannibalistic character…I think that would add some more depth to the game. I tend to play ruthlessly evil characters in Fallout. It just makes post-apocalyptic life so much easier when you throw out morals and human rights. Hell, in the original Fallout, I once spent 12 hours killing every living thing in the game, minus random encounters.

Also, for those of you who have been keeping up on your politics, Obama is having an election night party in Chicago’s Grant Park. Tickets for the event went fast, but not the mayor of Chicago is encouraging everyone to just show up anyways, and has promised that there will be plenty of room. It seems that maybe Dick Daley has decided not to take the route of blatant oppression that his father did.

Alright, Fallout 3 is done installing, and I’ve got some post-apocalyptic settlements to ravage.

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