Game Review: Flowers of Error

November 11, 2008

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I’ll start this off by saying that I am a big Jonathan Mak fan. I have played Everyday Shooter countless times, and I would play Gate 88 a ton more, if I was any good at it.

Flowers of Error is slightly reminiscent of Everyday Shooter in that you play as a nondescript glowing ball of some sort. You must avoid enemies, or you die. This is where the similarities stop, though. In Flowers of Error, the focus of the game is using the mouse to drag and drop objects in the game. If a particularly nasty wave of enemies is headed towards you, all you have to do is drag a few of them out of the way, and slip through the whole you created.

Some enemies explode after you drop them, causing chain reactions of explosions, and dropping letters, which can be collected to form what appears to be a poem, or writing. You can even drag and drop yourself, which makes avoiding enemies much easier.

The graphics and music really add to the game, giving it a very complete feel. Probably my favorite part of the game is that it is easy to play a quick game. This is definitely something that will stay on my computer. As far as short games go, I think Flowers of Error really gets it right.

One Response to “Game Review: Flowers of Error”

  1. Yif Says:

    the poem (so far …)

    Your life builds a fortress.
    Within it run the corridors of comfort and safety.
    To build them you repeat yourself.
    Same places, same actions, same people
    – the walls of your fortress consist of the things you already know.
    By their safety you lose the errors that you need,
    along with those that would wound you.
    Outside your fortress grows a garden called Play.

    In the garden you breed errors.
    The winding paths are there for stumbles,
    shadows for the sense of unknown,
    darkness for the taste of death.
    Losing yourself in the garden you throw yourself
    against failure, succeed to fail anew.

    Each error is a flower – a personal flower, dedicated just for …

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