Universal health care, here we come.

November 12, 2008

Well, 95% is close enough to universal for me. Obama’s health plan is being speculated to cover 95% of Americans and cost about $75 billion.

Now, I’m not going to go into numbers, because this isn’t that type of blog (and numbers don’t mean shit anymore when any asshole can Google a term and get “facts” from some crackpot website, left or right), but $75 billion for health care for almost everyone is a fair deal. $75 billion is a very large amount of money, but I don’t feel like it is too frugal. Of course, cheap is not exactly something I want my health care to be.

The bottom line is, that under the new health care system, a lot of injustices in our current system would be fixed. There are many people out there who get sick and end up not being able to keep up with medical expenses, and eventually end up becoming just sort of abandoned by the health system. There are seniors out there living on fixed incomes that have to choose to buy food or medicine, because they can’t get insurance to cover the costs. I am by no means a bleeding heart liberal, but that is not something I want to happen in my country, especially not if we have the power to stop it.

I usually take my Michael Moore with more than a few grains of salt, but I really agree with him on the health care issue. His proposal is pretty straightforward, and pretty much follows the model set my European universal systems. I think we, as Americans, really got the whole idea wrong, and it definitely needs revising. This new plan seems like the first step in the right direction.

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