Aspyr Loses A Third of Its Staff

December 20, 2008

Aspyr announced some layoffs today, which makes it the next in a line of many game developers who just aren’t able to make ends meet anymore. Aspyr wasn’t really a fully fledged development studio, though, they were more known for doing PC to Mac ports. More recently, Aspyr has been doing console to PC ports.

Aspyr is one of those companies that people just seem to like. Most Mac enthusiasts have a great deal of respect for Aspyr, because for years they were the only people porting good games to Mac. Now that the market is changing, Aspyr seems to have run out of luck. Everything is easier to make cross-platform now. Most games are made with the intention of being cross-platform at release, much unlike Aspyr’s method of porting already successful games.

With the amount of talent in the company, and amount of respect people have for Aspyr, I would hate to see them go under. Porting games is a losing business, now, though, and I really don’t know how viable Aspyr would be as a company. Fortunately, there have been reports of Aspyr planning to start making some original games, which would allow them to pursue the more traditional developer path. With any luck, Aspyr may turn this loss of employees into an entirely new business model.

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