A Death Foreordained

February 28, 2009

Download A Death Foreordained

A Death Foreordained is my entry in a 48-hour game jam hosted by RPGDX. The theme was “lofi,” and as you can see, it’s pretty graphically simple. My goal was to make a arcade/RPG hybrid, but it ended up turning out a bit more arcadey than I wanted. There are some really good looking other entries to the jam, and I will be going over a couple of them in the near future.


Cockpit Compo

February 21, 2009

TIG is having a competition, with cockpits as the the theme. I am building a cel-shaded mech game, with a couple twists. Here’s an early screen.

More Midway Hilarity

February 20, 2009

I’m really not sure if the idea of adding the ability to turn into a 15′ tall beast in UT3 is pure genius or fucking retarded. This really takes the Call of Duty method of rewarding good players to an extreme.

Why Midway Games Will Fail

February 19, 2009

I live down the street from Midway Games in Chicago, and have blogged about them before. They have been having a bit of financial troubles, and have teamed up with Ubisoft to publish their next game. Now, Midway has a second chance that a lot of companies don’t get.

Unfortunately, they are using this chance to release Wheelman, featuring Vin Diesel…great. This means that someone at the Midway offices said “Hey, we are on the brink of failing as a company, let’s release a GTA clone featuring Vin Diesel to win back the public’s affection and money!”. I could be wrong, and Wheelman could turn out to be a good game, but, to me, it looks like Midway still doesn’t get it.
If they keep releasing mediocre looking games like this, I don’t see a future for Midway.

Escape from City 17

February 17, 2009

If you haven’t seen this, it’s worth checking out. The Half-Life universe is a very rich setting, and I will use any excuse to get more of it. The video itself isn’t that long, but is impressive for an independent work. This is what happens when people who are passionate about games make video game movies. These guys aren’t Uwe Boll trying to make money in some European tax haven. They are HL fans, and it shows in their work. I hope to see more of these soon.

A few of us over at TIG had a friendly little competition to make games around the concept of a love letter. It was my first experience making a game in Flash, and I really learned a lot about it from doing this. I made a simple game to the beat of a song that is special to my significant other and I.

By far the best entry, though, was Heart Heist, by Moth. For only a few days notice, the game is very polished and complete. You choose from one of four characters, each taking different paths through the same levels. It’s kinda like a Metroidvania, but light enough to play in one sitting.

Overall, there were some neat games made. Another one I enjoyed was Coloumb’s Law by Theta Games. It was nice to make games with other people without the usual short time constraints that usually accompany themed contests like this. Most importantly, I finally took the time to learn Flash, which opens up a whole new world of game dev opportunities for me…I’m excited.