March Against Police Violence

July 6, 2009

On Friday, June 26th, Chicago Copwatch hosted a protest against a celebration being thrown for members of the Chicago Police Department who were on duty during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Anyone that knows their history knows that the 1968 DNC was one of the worst instances of police brutality our nation has ever seen. To add insult to injury, the official website for the celebration uses ridiculous terminology like “Marxist street thugs.” The last I checked, Marxism was a valid political ideology, and the majority of the protesters were students.

What leads me to post the following video is the near complete lack of reporting on what happened that night by the mainstream press. The Sun-Times updated their story to more accurately reflect the events, but over a week after it happened. The press doesn’t mention that fact that we marched almost 3 miles, with police constantly trying to herd us onto the sidewalks. The press doesn’t mention the fact that we refused, and kept marching until the police finally just gave up.

We took back the streets that night, if only for a few hours, and all we have is a Youtube video to show for it.


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