Created by Micheal Lawrence
Download 36

36 was partially influenced by this game. I wanted to make a game that used every one of the number and letter keys on the keyboard. The goal of the game is to match up the two polygons on the screen. Each key moves a vertex of the multicolored shape in a different direction.

With 36 total keys to mess with, the game gets kinda confusing, and I still can’t beat it without writing down which keys do what. I think 36 explores a neat concept, but the amount of keys and possible moves make it somewhat tedious to play. Overall, I think 36 probably has more in common with a Rubik’s Cube than anything else.

Also, the title is not only the number of keys used, but also a slight nod to the Battlestar Galactica episode, 33.

Download 36


One Response to “Thirty-Six(36)”

  1. […] It was an attempt to use all the letters and numbers on the keyboard as the controls for a game. Download 36 here. Posted in My Games | Tagged download games, free games, freeware, freeware games, game […]

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