The Black Mask is a 23 year old game programming school dropout.  His favorite games include Fallout, Fallout 2, Civilization, Alpha Centauri, Allegiance, Battlegrounds, and  Mount & Blade  (Yeah, I realize all those are PC games.  I do play consoles, too, I promise!)

At this point, I am going to drop the fakeass third-person description. I am a former member of the Young People’s Socialist League, and the Socialist Party of the USA, and a current member of the International Socialist Organization.  I am very much into politics…and not so much into capitalism and consumerism. I intend for this blog to mainly be about the impact of politics on video games, and vice versa, and looking at games that provide some insight into that. We are in an exciting time, where video games are, for the first time, being recognized as a legitimate means of expression, and I hope to propagate that idea as much as I can.

Contact me at: a d m i n @ g a m e g l y p h DOT c o m

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