Circle < Squares
Design and Programming: Micheal Lawrence
Music: Candycane Junglegym
Download Circle < Squares

Circle < Squares is a simple game I threw together after I broke my arm. The majority of PC games out there utilize the standard “WASD + Mouse” control scheme, and my ability to play most games was seriously hampered. This got me thinking, and I made a couple of small games with the stipulation that they had to be able to be controlled with one hand.

As I said, the game is pretty simple. You swing the ball around to hit blue squares while avoiding red squares. The song in the game is made by a couple of friends of mine, Candycane Junglegym. I enjoyed making this game, and am currently in the process of further exploring the whole “ball on a string” idea. I have been thinking of making a few more in-depth levels to it, and making it into a full game. For example, one level could have you trying to hit balls into goals using the stringball. I think that there is a bit of depth to this control scheme, and will probably use it in the future.

Download – Circle < Squares

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