Design and Programming: Micheal Lawrence
Testing and Programming: Zach L

Download Engineer

Engineer is reminiscent of a tower defense game, but instead of clicking a mouse, the player controls a lone engineer, capable of building walls and turrets. The control scheme is a bit Robotron-esque in that you can shoot in 4 directions while moving around.


I wanted to make the game more of a resource management game than a shooter, so the player is relatively vulnerable. Zombies can regularly take in excess of 5 shots to die, and having some turrets for backup is the only way to survive. Be sure to read the readme.txt for controls, and further instructions on how to play.

4 Responses to “Engineer”

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  2. Eddie Says:

    Cool game. What did you use to make it?

  3. Pretty much everything I make is made in Game Maker. Maybe someday I will learn Flash…someday.

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