Created by Micheal Lawrence
Download Oceania

Oceania was designed to be played by two people on the same keyboard, but is playable, with some difficulty, by a single person. Each player controls a cursor, and constantly shoots at orbiting globes. One player’s shots enlarge the other globes, and make them more friendly towards you, which means that they will be more likely to enlarge your own globe. The other player’s shots cause the enemy to become more hostile, and causes their globe to shrink. If a globe is shrunk down enough, it will explode and be removed from the game. Also, each globe will shoot more the bigger it is, so large hostile globes are quite the threat, whereas a large friendly planet can be a major help.

The goal of the game is to be the last globe standing by strategically helping other globes, while eliminating others…Simple right? The game features four levels, the first three contain one, two, or three hostile planets, with the rest neutral. the fourth level will create a random scenario with planets of different colors and sizes.

I have beaten the first level by myself in a couple of tries, but anyone who beats the third level by themselves is a better person than I. Enjoy the game, and please comment with any suggestions or comments.

Download Oceania

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