Pattern Behavior

Pattern Behavior
Design and Programming: Micheal Lawrence
Art Assets: Stephanie Lane Sutton
Download Pattern Behavior

I’m going to be frank…The majority of design in this game was done while I was on LSD. I came up with the base concept about an hour before taking acid, and while I was on the drug, it was always near the top of my mind. This is not a drug game, it was merely conceived out of them.
All of the tiles in this game were meant to be tiled web backgrounds, but I gave them a new lease on life and put them in a game.

Pattern Behavior presents you with five rows of constantly moving squares. Occasionally, within the jumble of squares, two or more of the same style square will align with one another. You must click as many of the aligned squares as possible within one minute. Easy right?

I really wanted to create what I like to call an “eyefuck.” My goal as a designer was to distract the player by using constant motion and an array of different tiles, 60 to be exact. With all these different squares flying across the screen, I was aiming at creating a kind of chaotic puzzle game. I don’t really plan to do a whole lot more with this, as I don’t see much of a future in the chaotic puzzle genre. It was a nice exercise though, and it was neat to use web backgrounds in a totally different use than what they were intended for.

Download Pattern Behavior

3 Responses to “Pattern Behavior”

  1. Zaratustra Says:

    What do you mean by ‘aligned’? Because it seems I can click pairs of tiles no matter what their relative screen positions are.

  2. Really? They are only supposed to disappear if they are kinda matched up like the two pink tiles in the center of the screenshot up there. I did make the detection a bit lenient, so maybe something is messing up there. I will test it on a couple different computers and see what I can find out.

    If, anything, I can always just blame GM, lol.

  3. […] 8, 2009 Stephanie Lane Sutton, my significant other and artist of the tiles for Pattern Behavior, has finally decided to join me on WordPress. Her blog, Fire Underground is offering free sex […]

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