Created by Micheal Lawrence
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Many people have played The Suicide Bomber Game, or at least the amount of press coverage it got would make you think so. When it was released on Newgrounds, there was a bit of controversy.

The game, and it is really only barely that, lacks any sort of depth beyond simple 2D movement and a button press here and there. Now, while I can expect a Flash game to be simple, I realized the game was an accurate portrayal of popular opinion of suicide bombers. The majority of Americans see the suicide bomber as some bearded, Arab with shifty eyes, and nothing else. Rarely does our society encourage looking beyond that stereotype, and not attaching the image of a religious nut bent on martyrdom.


For example, we ignore the fact that despite the recent surge in terrorist activity in Iraq, the leading conductors of suicide bombings are the Tamil Tigers in Sri Lanka, a Marxist group that openly discourages religion. The fact that the first instances of suicide bombing, seen in Lebanon in the early 80s, were conducted as military operations in response to the Israeli invasion, without any religious implication, is glossed over.

As a society, we need to realize that, while religion is a tool used to fuel suicide bombings, it is not the reason they exist. Historically, suicide bombings are an indicator of an oppressed group attempting to drive out people they view as invaders, whatever that group’s ethnicity or religion. Resist! is my humble attempt at making a game about suicide bombings that does not subscribe to common misinterpretations about the subject.

Download Resist!

7 Responses to “Resist!”

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  2. Wow man, this game. It just sucks you know. It’s the worst game I’ve ever played. Most of the games on game maker community are muuuuuuch better. Pretentious asshole. Stop making games.

  3. You do realize that WordPress tracks IPs by comments, right? Now, a simple Google search gives me multiple results all pointing to the same TIG account. Welcome to the 21st century.

    That’s right, I know who you are, and I don’t give a fuck what you think if you are going to hide behind some bullshit name. What you are posting is useless trolling, and not really a valid opinion.

    BTW, I’ve was using Game Maker while you were in the first grade. Don’t come to my blog acting like you have some kind of real artistic opinion when you don’t really know shit.

  4. Moth Says:

    @Pertti Jaakobson:

    I have no idea who you are but do you really need to be so hateful? If you are as young as Mike says then hopefully you’ll soon reach the age where you reconsider the necessity to be such a bitchy little knob-gobbler.

  5. I am so sorry man, but you just suck at making games. It’s pathetic. Welcome to the 21st century of getting owned. 8) PS. I am the game maker master so you better not fuck with me or you might get burned.

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