I have been trying out Unity3D recently, and as my trial draws to a close, I am really considering purchasing it. It is by far the best 3D game development environment I have ever used, and I have used my fair share of those. I haven’t really started anything too in-depth, as it might be some time before I can raise the $200 for an indie license, but I did manage to make a couple minigames…just click the images to check them out.

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Prompt Critical is a first-person rail shooter that has you orbiting around a dimensional gate of some sort, shooting at invading enemies coming through it. The enemies come in waves, and the overall pace is a bit arcadey. The higher waves get pretty intense, and I found myself hanging on by a shread of health against a large number of enemies a few times.

A sometimes frantic pace isn’t the only thing Prompt Critical has to offer. I am usually not a big 3D fan, in fact, the “realistic” textures in most modern 3D games kinda creep my out. A good 3D style is hard to really nail down, but I think this game looks beautiful. Most of the graphics are just 3D primitives, but they don’t look like your average Katamari-style cutesy shapes. They are sleek and futuristic, just like I would expect around a wormhole. The explosions can get a bit overwhelming in the later waves, but overall, I really appreciate the visual style of the game.

Now, if you are still not convinced enough to try it out, would that chnge if I told you the entire environment is fully destructible? If you shoot a missile at the structure around the wormhole or the outer plates, you get to watch pieces fly around, in addition to a nice explosion. This adds an extra level of interaction to the game, albeit a small one, that I think really makes Prompt Critical a solid freeware choice for someone looking for a unique and challenging game to spend a casual amount of time with.