A few of us over at TIG had a friendly little competition to make games around the concept of a love letter. It was my first experience making a game in Flash, and I really learned a lot about it from doing this. I made a simple game to the beat of a song that is special to my significant other and I.

By far the best entry, though, was Heart Heist, by Moth. For only a few days notice, the game is very polished and complete. You choose from one of four characters, each taking different paths through the same levels. It’s kinda like a Metroidvania, but light enough to play in one sitting.

Overall, there were some neat games made. Another one I enjoyed was Coloumb’s Law by Theta Games. It was nice to make games with other people without the usual short time constraints that usually accompany themed contests like this. Most importantly, I finally took the time to learn Flash, which opens up a whole new world of game dev opportunities for me…I’m excited.


36 Released

November 30, 2008


36 is a very small game I made as a simple concept. It was an attempt to use all the letters and numbers on the keyboard as the controls for a game. Download 36 here.

Game Review: Gods and Idols

November 21, 2008

Freeware Download
Download Gods and Idols

Take the space stage of Spore, and combine it with Populous, and you’ve got something pretty close to Gods and Idols(GAI). GAI is an online MMORTS where players assume the role of intergalactic gods ruling over planets. The game starts by having you fly around space a bit in search of a star system with planets for you to plant the seed of life on. Once you have seeded a planet, you are tasked with taking care of your followers on it and upgrading their planet.

Upgrades come in the form of facility upgrades, like housing, or complete planet evolutions, which will dramatically change the look and quality of life on the planet. While you are busy managing your planets, there are many other people online doing the same. The game universe is pretty large, containing hundreds of star systems waiting to be colonized.

GAI is open beta right now, and what it lacks in features, it more than makes up for in scope. The game universe is massive, and while advanced features like hypergates are not available yet, the game is definitely worth playing. With a very friendly community, and new features being added all the time, GAI is playable for longer periods of time, or for only a few minutes.

I am totally into this game right now, so don’t be surprised if you hear some more about GAI in the future.

Game Review: Retroverdeo

November 17, 2008

Freeware Download
Download Retroverdeo

Retroverdeo is a neat little game that has you avoiding an increasingly overwhelming barrage of attacks. The game was made for a limited graphics game competition, and I think the creator has really done a lot with a little here.

The game is played like a standard platformer, and you jump around avoiding enemies on the ground. Jumping over them is pretty easy, so the game steps it up and adds a legion of other things trying to kill you. Carpet bombing and what look like orbital strikes are also added to the mix, making it hard to stay alive for long. I really like Retroverdeo, and will definitely keep it around for when I need a quick five minute video game fix.

Also, let’s see if anyone can beat my high score of 52. (View Online High Scores)

Mkultra Released

November 7, 2008


A new game, Mkultra, has been released. This will probably be the last small game I do for a while. I will be moving onto something a little bit larger scale now…what exactly, I’m not sure.

The Situationist Released

November 4, 2008


The Situationist has been released. The Situationist was basically more of an exercise in getting my high score system working, but I think the game is fun. Check it out.

Oceania Released

November 3, 2008

I have released Oceania, a game designed for two players. It is an arcade-ish game, with a little bit of strategy involved. The game may be somewhat difficult if you are playing it by yourself, but it is not unplayable if you don’t have any friends to play with. So, check it out!