Critical Gameplay Exhibit

April 15, 2009

Chicago really doesn’t have much of an indie games culture. While New York has fancy things like the New Museum, and the west coast at least gets the IGF every year, the Midwest doesn’t have much going on. So, I was quite excited when I heard about the Critical Gameplay Exhibit. So, if you’re in the Chicagoland area, you should check it out.

Critical Gameplay is a collection of strategically designed video games. Each game asks the question, what do common game mechanics teach us? The four games in the collection are designed to help reevaluate our perspective on gameplay experiences. Like Critical Cartography changes the way we perceive the world, critical gameplay seeks to offer alternate perspectives on the way we play.

Location: 1100 West Cermak (enter at 2268 S. Carpenter), Chicago, IL, 60608
Time: 6:30pm – 10:00pm
Cost: Free (Open to the public)
Beer, wine and refreshments will be served.

I will be there, hopefully taking some pictures, and I will be posting here with my thoughts on the games and maybe a recap. Even if the games suck, at least there’s free booze.


Tomb Jumper Released

March 19, 2009

Tomb Jumper, a nine-level, challenging, platformer has been released. I think it’s humorous how it’s so stylistically different from Resist!

Cockpit Compo

February 21, 2009

TIG is having a competition, with cockpits as the the theme. I am building a cel-shaded mech game, with a couple twists. Here’s an early screen.

A few of us over at TIG had a friendly little competition to make games around the concept of a love letter. It was my first experience making a game in Flash, and I really learned a lot about it from doing this. I made a simple game to the beat of a song that is special to my significant other and I.

By far the best entry, though, was Heart Heist, by Moth. For only a few days notice, the game is very polished and complete. You choose from one of four characters, each taking different paths through the same levels. It’s kinda like a Metroidvania, but light enough to play in one sitting.

Overall, there were some neat games made. Another one I enjoyed was Coloumb’s Law by Theta Games. It was nice to make games with other people without the usual short time constraints that usually accompany themed contests like this. Most importantly, I finally took the time to learn Flash, which opens up a whole new world of game dev opportunities for me…I’m excited.