Bethesda is currently working with Microsoft to remove Fallout 3’s new expansion, The Pitt. Players of both the PC and Xbox versions are reporting rainbow textured raiders, and an abundance of floating exclamation points in the new DLC. Bethesda is blaming the screwups on “corrupted” files, but my guess is that they simply rushed the product and didn’t think anyone would notice.

I wasn’t really looking forward to The Pitt anyways, as the last DLC to be released for Fallout 3 was Operation Anchorage, which took place inside a virtual reality simulator. Now, to me, placing your expansion inside a VR world just screams “I’m too lazy to actually write a storyline that will actually impact the game world,” and I passed on that, but The Pitt is supposed to take place in the real Fallout 3 world. I hoped that maybe this expansion wouldn’t be a rushed piece of shit, too, but I will be avoiding this, and probably any further Fallout 3 expansions like the plague.

I don’t know why I came to expect anything else from the same people that brought us all horse armor.


A Death Foreordained

February 28, 2009

Download A Death Foreordained

A Death Foreordained is my entry in a 48-hour game jam hosted by RPGDX. The theme was “lofi,” and as you can see, it’s pretty graphically simple. My goal was to make a arcade/RPG hybrid, but it ended up turning out a bit more arcadey than I wanted. There are some really good looking other entries to the jam, and I will be going over a couple of them in the near future.

Spore Ruined Christmas

January 4, 2009

I received a copy of Spore for Christmas, and was genuinely excited to play the game. I had held off buying it as soon as it came out, and nobody had anything too bad to say about it (Besides a couple of lawsuits over SecureROM). Spore is a good game, and I have been enjoying it, although I’m not sure if the tormenting ordeal to get it to work was worth it.

Installing the game worked as it should, but as soon as I clicked the icon to run Spore, it crashed. I got a screen resolution change, and then an error that really didn’t tell me much. Rather than messing with the settings, I Googled to see if other people were having this same problem.

It turns out, a pretty substantial amount of people have had/are having the same problem. I sifted through pages and pages of Google results of errors similar to mine, and never really found a clear fix. Dozens of people were having problems with the game, and in each help thread I found, they really weren’t getting anywhere. For every suggestion on what to do to fix Spore, there were three more people asking for another possible solution.

I fiddled with Spore until about 4AM, when I finally found the solution. Three re-installs and a lengthy SecureROM removal process later, I got the game to work by installing it in a folder on the desktop. Let me repeat that. I got Spore to work not by installing it in the default Program Files folder, or even a folder directly on my C: drive. I have no idea why this works…it just does. It seems that not many people know about this method, but the few places I’ve seen mention it seem to have a couple of people that this worked for.

Spore is a decent game, as I said, but it is broken. So broken that the default install directory causes the game to crash. Actually, pretty much anything will cause Spore to crash. I have had Spore crash on me more times than I am comfortable with on both the PC and Mac versions. If anything, EA should be sued for distributing a program that barely works, in addition to distributing non-consensual software.

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Aspyr announced some layoffs today, which makes it the next in a line of many game developers who just aren’t able to make ends meet anymore. Aspyr wasn’t really a fully fledged development studio, though, they were more known for doing PC to Mac ports. More recently, Aspyr has been doing console to PC ports.

Aspyr is one of those companies that people just seem to like. Most Mac enthusiasts have a great deal of respect for Aspyr, because for years they were the only people porting good games to Mac. Now that the market is changing, Aspyr seems to have run out of luck. Everything is easier to make cross-platform now. Most games are made with the intention of being cross-platform at release, much unlike Aspyr’s method of porting already successful games.

With the amount of talent in the company, and amount of respect people have for Aspyr, I would hate to see them go under. Porting games is a losing business, now, though, and I really don’t know how viable Aspyr would be as a company. Fortunately, there have been reports of Aspyr planning to start making some original games, which would allow them to pursue the more traditional developer path. With any luck, Aspyr may turn this loss of employees into an entirely new business model.

WIP: Untitled Game

December 16, 2008


Here’s a quick screenshot of a WIP. The overall aim is for a medieval Godzilla, I guess. I’m using Game Maker 5.3A for this one due to some GM issues. The overall goal of the game is to lead your army of small soldiers to victory over the massive beast enemy, obviously. I am thinking about entering it in this contest. I will also be adding villagers and hovels for the beast to smash and ravage.

I’m still undecided on a name, but I’m sure one will come to me.

Game Preview: Dark Dominion

December 11, 2008

Zach L, over at Dopterra, has released a short gameplay trailer for Dark Dominion, his upcoming platform adventure.

I happen to have had the pleasure of playing through most of the game, and I’m very excited for it. It includes branching paths, lots of cool bosses, and is full of cutesy insect characters that my girlfriend can’t get enough of. I will be keeping everyone updated as to the release status of Dark Dominion, but word on the street says to expect it sometime in January.