Diversity in Indie Games

November 26, 2008


I recently saw the above picture on an indie games blog, and something about it really bothers me. These three people are supposed to represent the leaders of the indie game movement, and all three of them are white males.

Women make up a large part of game sales, and in certain age groups, the percentage of women who play games is higher than men. Why do women only account for 12% of the industry?

Minorities have also been shoved to the side in the video game revolution. Almost every minority video game character is a blatant stereotype. Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter both had their Native American stereotypes, and The Escapist details the lack of black characters in games. The large majority of games feature white protagonists.

With the way independent developers are making names for themselves these days, I really hope to see something make it big that isn’t developed by a white guy. We aren’t the mainstream industry, so let’s not act like it.