A Death Foreordained

February 28, 2009

Download A Death Foreordained

A Death Foreordained is my entry in a 48-hour game jam hosted by RPGDX. The theme was “lofi,” and as you can see, it’s pretty graphically simple. My goal was to make a arcade/RPG hybrid, but it ended up turning out a bit more arcadey than I wanted. There are some really good looking other entries to the jam, and I will be going over a couple of them in the near future.

Zach L over at Dopterra has posted a nice teaser page for Dark Dominion. The page features the gameplayer trailer and a bunch of new screens. It also gives some details on the game’s story and character cast. There’s only a month to wait until the game is released in January, and it just keeps looking better.

Bethesda has released modding tools for Fallout 3. I, for one, am particularly excited, because I think the writing of Fallout 3 is definitely its worst quality. The quests and scenarios they put forth just seemed unreasonable, and, at times, quite ridiculous.

The tools have pretty extensive documentation, it looks like, and I really have to applaud Bethesda on at least getting this right. There is a lot of information on their wiki, as well as a few tutorial videos. I am downloading it as I write this, and will hopefully be posting some creations soon.