Does I-Doser Work?

December 8, 2008

I-Doser is a program that claims to use binaural sounds to induce a state similar to those produced when using certain drugs. Marijuana, LSD, and cocaine are but a few of the many doses I-Doser provides. The program is free to download, and includes an alcohol dose, and additional doses can be purchased for around $4. Alternatively, mp3 files and cracked versions are available all over the internet.

I have been experimenting with I-Doser the past few days, and have pretty much formed a solid opinion on it. I-Doser does, in fact, help you achieve a state beyond that of your normal consciousness, but it does not simulate drugs. I tried the Trip dose, which is supposed to be one of the most potent, taking care to follow I-Doser’s suggestions of being comfortable, in a dimly-lit room, and trying to focus my mind on the dose.

I experienced a slight “out of it” feeling, and a very distinct feeling of unwarranted paranoia. None of these feelings were exactly strong, but definitely noticeable. That happened at the peak of the dose, which was about 25 minutes into it. After the full 35, minutes, I just felt an overall more relaxed feeling, but that also could have been because i was lying in the dark for that long. There were some effects, I am sure of that, but I did not trip my face off.

I went to sleep directly after finishing the dose, as it was pretty late. While, I slept, I experienced a remarkable increase in my ability to remember my dreams, something I’m usually not very good at. I even managed to dream that I had woken up and checked my clock, and it was 1:20. When I actually woke up, at around 10:30, I was absolutely certain that it was past 1:20. Of course, there is no way to tell if this remarkable increase in dream activity is related to I-Doser, but it is not something I experience on a regular basis.

Does I-Doser work? Yes, but not as a “drug simulator.” I-Doser serves as more of a type of meditation than a drug. When you take a drug, you can learn to grasp the mental state pretty quickly, but your body must react to the physical aspects of it on its own. This physical aspect it what separates I-Doser from conventional drugs. When you smoke, drink, swallow, etc. a conventional drug, there is reality of knowing that a substance is entering your body, and being able to see its physical aspects. When you listen to an I-Doser dose, there is no smoking, drinking, or swallowing, just sitting there. It is that fundamental lack of tactility that will continuously sow the seed of doubt in the user’s mind.

I-Doser would work work better if it were treated as more of a meditation style, making sure that the user knows that there will be a large amount of effort exerted on his or her own part mentally. The entire dose does not depend so much on the sound being played, as it does the user’s own ability to react to the sound. Meditation is something that requires practice, and so is I-Doser.

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