The Situationist
Created by Micheal Lawrence
Download The Situationist

The Situationist was made in the span of about three hours, as more of an exercise to get my online high score system running. It turned out to be a fun little game though. The game is similar to Pac-Man in the fact that you spend the game avoiding enemies that roam around the screen. There are no pellets, though. Points are scored by staying on certain tiles in the room. The Situationist forces you to stay put to score points, but to survive, you will have to move around.


The high score system used it pretty nice. It will eventually support multiple games, so all of my games can use the same system…how is that for flexibility? Feel free to check out the high scores for The Situationist.

Download The Situationist

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  1. […] basically more of an exercise in getting my high score system working, but I think the game is fun. Check it out. Posted in My Games | Tagged download games, free games, freeware, freeware games, game […]

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